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The stories you will find here are all tailored to pre-reading children, although naturally, we hope that the parents and grandparents of pre-reading children find them entertaining too.

That is what stories are all about, after all. We can hope to stimulate the imagination, teach about the world by parable, and the multitude of other advantages storytelling has for children – but entertainment must surely be their primary purpose.

We have a selection of ‘freebies’ that only wait for a tap on a bookmark to jump straight to your device. If you would like to have some of our stories available off-line then we have eBooks by the same authors for sale on the Author Pages.

Please be sure which eBook reader you use before you buy. (See Ebook Readers in the menu)

If in doubt the EPUB versions can be read on Google PlayBooks (available free, for both Android and iPad/iPhone) and iBooks (on iPads/iPhones only).

If you use a Kindle, you will probably find it more convenient to follow the Kindle link and buy the ebook on Amazon.

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