Ebook Help

If you have a fairly recent iPhone/iPad or an Android device there should be no problems with any of our, open standard (epub), ebooks.

Just click on the download link and:-

iOS should ask you if you want to open the file in iBooks. Say Yes to upload the file to iBooks – to be able to view it on all your iDevices – be patient, it takes a while.

Android should ask if you want to open the file in PlayBooks. Say Yes to upload to PlayBooks – to be able to view it on all your Android devices – be patient, it takes a while.

Note If you have both Apple and Android devices. The simplest way to manage epub books is to install the Google PlayBooks app from the Apple App Store on your iDevice. You can then use PlayBooks on both devices and keep all your ebooks in one place.

Amazon Kindle
If you have any kindle device, you have a ‘personal bookshelf’ on Amazon. You can email any Kindle books, that you have downloaded, to this shelf. To do this, you use the special Kindle email address that came with your ereader. Look on the My Kindle page on your Amazon account for the details.

Please look on our special Kindle pages for suitable ebooks

Browser plugins

If you use a Kindle browser plugin – it is unlikely that you will be able to read our Kindle ebooks – but all is not lost.

Both Firefox and Chrome browsers have epub plugins that will read our standard ebooks. I personally use Firefox with an Amazon Kindle plugin and the EPUBReader extension – so I can have my Kindle and standard libraries on separate browser tabs for easy reading.

But don’t worry over much about all this, if you clicked a link on our pages – and find you have the wrong kind of ebook – just let us know and we’ll make sure you get the right one.